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Jean was born in October of freshman year, and Susan missed four days of class. Our family was always supported by the faculty and administrators at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine. When Tom and Becky were added to our family after graduation, our careers as two veterinarians always fit well around family life and care of our children, and now our grandchildren. Purdue continued to be our “school family” throughout our career, and now into retirement. We were pleased to develop a scholarship for veterinary students who have children during their veterinary school years, and are now happy to help develop better facilities for the next generation of veterinarians. Read More About Our Pacesetters ...

Susan and Craig Wardrip, DVMs, Class of 1978

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Never give up, never give in!

Brock embodies this phrase. He was diagnosed with #lymphoma & prostatic #cancer as well. Besides the shaved spots of fur, you would never know he had cancer!  The Medical Oncology department looks forward to his visits as he can brighten anyone’s day with his silly personality, loving heart, and slobbery kisses! 

Show some love to this brave boy for his unwavering spirit through it all! He motivates us all to be strong no matter what we are facing in life. YOU GOT THIS BROCK! 

Learn about our Oncology Program at

#cancer #cancersucks #cancerawareness #oncology #TheNextGiantLeap #Boilermakers #BoilerUp #PurdueUniversity #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagramPVM study finds that disrupting anxiety is PTSD Service Dog’s most important task for veterans.

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#Veterans #OHAIRE #PurdueVetMed #VetLife #BoilerUp #Boilermakers #PurdueUniversity @lifeatpurdue @avmavets  @navta_officialName this emeritus faculty member from his photo in 1988. 

Hint:  He was a small animal surgeon and worked in dentistry... 

#TBT #PVMHistory #PurdueVetMed #Vetlife“Outside is larger than you think. Which is why I always have my leash. So the human doesn’t get lost!”

#dogthoughts #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #INthistogether #petsofpurdue #boilerupAugust is National Immunization Month! This day is celebrated to spread awareness and to highlight the importance of vaccination.

Make sure to contact your vet or schedule an appointment with our Small Animal Primary Care team to get your pet’s vaccinations up to date at 765-494-1107!

 #immunization #PurdueVetMed #boilermakersAt Purdue, pain management in our daily clinical practice is a team effort, with the pet owner functioning as an integral part of the clinician-veterinary nurse-student team decisions and outcomes.

Learn more about our Small Animal Primary Care service at and call us at 765-494-1107 to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we help keep your pet happy and safe!

#vetlife #PurdueVetMed #GetEducated #GetVetHelp #PurdueUniversity #Boilermakers #boilerup
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