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Kurt and Debbie Mychajlonka's family photo

Hear stories from donors who started the hospital fundraising

Jean was born in October of freshman year, and Susan missed four days of class. Our family was always supported by the faculty and administrators at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine. When Tom and Becky were added to our family after graduation, our careers as two veterinarians always fit well around family life and care of our children, and now our grandchildren. Purdue continued to be our “school family” throughout our career, and now into retirement. We were pleased to develop a scholarship for veterinary students who have children during their veterinary school years, and are now happy to help develop better facilities for the next generation of veterinarians. Read More About Our Pacesetters ...

Susan and Craig Wardrip, DVMs, Class of 1978

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Alumni and friends of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, including two candidates for WVC leadership positions, gathered for the annual PVM Alumni Reception during the 2020 WVC Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

#WVC2020 #PurdueVetMed #VetLife #BoilerUp #BoilerMakers #PurdueUniversity @wvc_vetce 
Learn more at am Dr. Willie Reed, the Dean of Purdue Veterinary Medicine.
I grew up in a rural part of South Alabama & was always around a lot of different animals as a child. Over the years my interest in science & my love for animals & medicine grew stronger which made me choose this career path.
I wish I had known before I started working that it takes a lot of hard work & time to become a successful & productive member of a faculty. Early on in my career, I wish I had known how to better schedule my life & find a work-life balance. No one prepares you for the pace & you must learn on the job. It's hard to gauge how many things you take up when it doesn’t feel like work. I realized that a lot of sacrifice goes into achieving & enjoying the awards later in life.
I had a graduate student in the 1980s who taught me how to be excited about research & helped me realize how rewarding it is even though it is a difficult & slow yielding job. His enthusiasm made me appreciate my work more & was a constant positive reminder at work. To this day I can picture him running into my office with the first research paper that he had published. .
My favorite part of my career is being engaged nationally in various organizations & having the capacity to discuss & act on problems affecting our professions & society in general. Working together to advance an initiative or to find a solution is highly rewarding & a lot of fun.
I hope the veterinary students take advantage of all the opportunities available, meet people & learn from their different experiences. You will be surprised how many opportunities come your way because you were in the right place at the right time. You might meet a future mentor, employer or learn about something you did not know existed.
This year I am eagerly anticipating seeing the advances in the construction of our new hospital. I have worked on this project for the past 12 years & I am excited to see it become reality. I am eager to see what this year has instore for the PVM family & for me!
#PurdueVetMed #BeAPurdueVet #VetMed #Veterinarian #Inspiration #VetLife #MyGiantLeap #TheNextGiantLeap #PurdueUniversity #BoilerUp #Boilermakers #PeopleofPVMThis is the last week to participate in February’s PVM Photo contest!
We’ll wrap things up at the end of the week but there is still plenty of time to post photos in our theme of the month, MY PET AND I! .
To enter, make sure you:
1. Tag us @PUCVM.
2. Use the Hashtags #FebruaryPUCVMContest #MyPetandI.
At the end of the month, we’ll select the 3 best photos based on the quality of the content, their relevance to the theme of MY PET AND I, and their appropriateness. Then we’ll reshare your photos on our social media channels and tag you!
#PhotoContest #VetLife #PetsOfPurdue #MySmallLeap #TheNextGiantLeap #BoilerUp #Boilermakers #PurdueUniversity #dogstagram #dogsofinstagramIts National Dog Biscuit Day! 
Remember to ask your vet for recommendations before treating your furry friend. Bone Appetit! 🦴

#petsofinstagram #petstagram #petportrait #PurdueVetMed #petsofpurdueI am Aishwarya Chitnis, DVM Class of 2023,
When I was four months into veterinary school, I realized that I was surrounded by such brilliant and inspirational people. Each person I met at #PurdueVetMed taught me something that helped me grow either personally or professionally. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and realized that the stories of all these wonderful people needed to be shared with the world.
Through the “People of PVM” project, we will share the story of faculty, staff, and students from the PVM Family every week. I am so excited to share their wonderful thoughts and inspiring stories with the world 🌎👩⚕️🩺 Stay tuned to get to know one of your professors this week!
#PeopleofPVM #Hoomans #inspiration #lifeStory #vetlife  #BoilerUp #Boilermakers #PurdueUniversity #MySmallStep #MyGiantLeap #TheNextGiantLeapIts Walking the Dog Day! 🐾🐕 Ask your dog if they want to go for a walk, and they will sure go mutts!

A PAW (Dogs, Physical Activity and Walking) study conducted at Purdue assessed the different factors to help design programs to encourage people to walk their dogs more often. To read more about this study visit -

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