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Thank you to our 60 Pacesetters!

Sincere thanks to this legendary collection of 60 leaders who became Pacesetters by adding their print on the new hospital through major gift support. Together, they have contributed over $2.1M, which is 25% of the campaign goal of $8.1M, and have inspired others to join this important effort to impact the future of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Each Pacesetter will receive recognition in the new facility for helping provide the foundational support necessary to bring this project to fruition.

Why we gave: Stories from our Pacesetters

For our daughter’s memory

Molly Widner

Our daughter Molly had planned to attend Purdue, but a rare liver cancer had other plans. President Daniels and Dean Reed made sure Molly got her wish.

Two weeks before she passed, Molly was admitted and graduated from Purdue and then admitted and graduated from PVM. Molly was sent her white coat, and Dean Reed paid her dues for a lifetime membership to the Veterinary Society.

I cannot imagine any other university with this compassion for a 17-year-old, to make her dreams come true. Please give, if you can, to this amazing place!

Kathy Widner

For a lifetime of care

Joanne Troutner

As a farm child who bottle-fed Holstein calves, I have a great love for animals. My black lab, Sammy, had a wonderful and active life of 13 years thanks to the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine.

Today, two more black labs are the Troutner pack — Billie Sue and Brandy. I have a deep admiration and respect for the vets who help provide these companions with healthy, happy, long lives.

Of course, I would choose to join the Pacesetters as I look forward to new facilities and teaching options for the future vets educated at Purdue University. Ever Grateful!

Joanne Troutner

For the significance of the college in our family 

Kurt and Debbie Mychajlonka

We feel so fortunate that Purdue provided us with a superb veterinary education and the tools to pursue our dreams in veterinary medicine. While at Purdue, we met a wonderful group of educators and developed lifelong friendships, but Purdue also brought us together as a couple. We met as fellow students, later got married, and then became business partners. Our veterinary journey has been a wild and wonderful one, and we feel ever grateful for the gifts Purdue gave us. Contributing toward Purdue's future is how we can best return the favor!

Kurt and Debbie Mychajlonka

For the support our family has received

Susan and Craig Wardrip with family

We were admitted to veterinary school together in 1974, and soon learned that Susan was pregnant.  When we informed Dr. Jack Stockton, the Dean, of the pregnancy, his first response was:  “Great!  It won’t be a problem for us if it isn’t a problem for you!”  It wasn’t.  Jean was born in October of freshman year, and Susan missed 4 days of class.  Our family was always supported by the faculty and administrators at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  When Tom and Becky were added to our family after graduation, our careers as two veterinarians always fit well around family life and care of our children, and now our grandchildren.  Purdue continued to be our “school family” throughout our career, and now into retirement.  We were pleased to develop a scholarship for veterinary students who have children during their veterinary school years, and are now happy to help develop better facilities for the next generation of veterinarians.  The veterinary profession and the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine have made our family’s life happy and fulfilling.

Susan and Craig Wardrip, DVMs, Class of 1978

For a healthier, sustainable world

Marianne and Steve Ash

Steve and I feel strongly that the veterinary disciplines supported by this college are critical to solving some of tomorrow’s greatest challenges, including how to meet growing global food needs while protecting public health and the environment. We have a special interest in the sustenance and growth of American animal agriculture, as the ability to feed our own and others is important to national security and global stability. 

And, of course, our pets are members of the family. Their health and well-being have important impact on the emotional and physical well-being of our society. We hope for our children and future generations that our gifts will have contributed to a more peaceful world that is committed to healthier people and pets, as well as an adequate supply of safe food worldwide.

Marianne and Steve Ash

Join our front-runners and become one of our 60 Pacesetters!

  1. Dr. David & Mrs. Brenda Brelage
  2. Dr. Donald J. McCrosky
  3. Dr. Kurt Mychajlonka & Dr. Deborah White
  4. Dr. Larry & Mrs. Gail Rueff
  5. Dr. Robert & Mrs. Jo Ann Ferguson
  6. Drs. Marianne & Stephen Ash
  7. Mr. Harry & Mrs. Freida Latshaw
  8. Mr. Richard & Mrs. Beth Adduci
  9. Mrs. Barbara Graegin
  10. Mrs. Patricia Fessler
  11. Dr. Peter G. Fisher
  12. PVM Class of 1965
  13. Dr. Andrew J. Lischin
  14. Dr. Daniel & Mrs. Angela Markwalder
  15. Dr. Jerry & Linda Rodenbarger
  16. Ms. Joanne Troutner
  17. Dr. Kevin and Lisa Hahn
  18. Alice Jean Phillips
  19. Drs. Michael & Stacey Lent
  20. Dr. Robyn & Dr. Gregory Kurtz
  21. Dr. William O. & Annette Iverson
  22. In Honor of Molly Widner, DVM
  23. PVM Class of 1976
  24. Timothy J. Mullican, DVM
  25. Drs. Lisa & David Grasso
  26. Dr. Kevin Kennedy, DVM
  27. Dr. Leonard & Carol Chastain
  28. Dr. Merlyn & Mrs. Susan Lucas
  29. Susan L. & Craig L. Wardrip, DVMs
  30. Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Shanley
  31. Kerry Keffaber & Betsy Keffaber
  32. Mr. Frederick Norman & Dr. Sandra K. Norman
  33. Dr. Chih-Ming "Jimmy" Yu & Mrs. Fu-Mei Kao, Taiwan
  34. Dr. Ralph & Linda Stauffacher
  35. Dr. Raj Singh & Melissa Singh
  36. Dr. Gervas Schafer, Mrs. Ann Schafer, Dr. Kenneth Schafer, Dr. Siobhan Schafer, & Dr. Debra Schafer
  37. Dr. Bob & Drue King
  38. Dr. Scott & Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson
  39. Dr. David & Kathleen Haviar & Family
  40. Carole Bezat
  41. Dr. Philip & Jill Borst
  42. Dr. Tom Goodwin
  43. Dr. Glenn M. Pullen
  44. PVM Class of 1978
  45. PVM Class of 1967
  46. Dr. Laura Howard Strong & Mr. David H. Strong
  47. Dr. Jennifer Anderson & Adam Schmeltz
  48. Dr. Martin G. Stotelmyer
  49. Dr. Steve & Leisa Sunbury
  50. Dr. Phil & Stephanie Farber
  51. Dr. Cynthia F. Schaefer
  52. Dr. H.R. Gough & Mrs. Karen S. Gough
  53. In Honor of Dr. Hedley Marks
  54. Dr. Raechel Willard & Mr. Christopher Ormsby
  55. Dr. Roger & Mrs. Nathalie Schrock
  56. Dr. Michael and Kris Huber
  57. David & Vicki Grove
  58. The Dr. L. Dale & Mickey Olson Fund for Animals
  59. Dr. John & RPh Barbara Schnarr
  60. In Memory of Karen and Ken Hahn