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Purdue Veterinary Hospital’s prints on animal and human lives

This is why we do what we do.

For us, it’s not about a paycheck or accolades. We genuinely care about each life that comes through our doors. Everything from giant achievements in cancer treatment all the way down to that first sign of recovery — as small as a light sigh or a nuzzle — it’s what we live for.

Here are just a few stories of how we’re leaving prints in lives big and small, human and animal alike.

Protecting Lafayette’s Four-Legged Finest

With the rise of synthetic heroin-like drugs fentanyl and carfentanil, police dogs are at an especially high risk for opioid overdoses — just a few airborne granules, or residue left on the dog’s coat can be lethal. Read the story of how Purdue’s veterinarians provided Lafayette officers with the training they needed for the animal use of life-saving antidote Narcan. Read More...

In It Together

A cancer diagnosis is among the most dreaded answers to a mysterious health problem in pets, but when it happens, Deborah Knapp makes it count. Knapp’s research not only helps those dogs in need, but looks for ways to apply it to humans, too. Read More...

Rivals Partner Up Against Cancer

A partnership between Purdue University and Indiana University experts is providing essential tissue samples for research on glioma — one of the most common brain cancers in dogs, and especially difficult to treat in both animals and humans. Read More...

One Love, One Health

In honor of his wife who died from sepsis, an anonymous donor has provided the College with a $3 million gift to study sepsis in horses. Experts believe that achievements in equine sepsis research will be able to translate to similar research in humans. Read More...