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We’re building the hospital of the future — world-class experts and advanced technology — here in Indiana. Make a donation and Leave Your Print today!

Kurt and Debbie Mychajlonka's family photo

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Jean was born in October of freshman year, and Susan missed four days of class. Our family was always supported by the faculty and administrators at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine. When Tom and Becky were added to our family after graduation, our careers as two veterinarians always fit well around family life and care of our children, and now our grandchildren. Purdue continued to be our “school family” throughout our career, and now into retirement. We were pleased to develop a scholarship for veterinary students who have children during their veterinary school years, and are now happy to help develop better facilities for the next generation of veterinarians. Read More About Our Pacesetters ...

Susan and Craig Wardrip, DVMs, Class of 1978

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Do you recognize this alumnus from his 1988 photo? 

Hint:  he worked in radiology and his class recently celebrated its 50th anniversary… 

#TBT #PVMHistory #PurdueVetMed #VetlifeThe 2020 Dr. Skip Jackson Dog Jog and Fun Run has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. We still need you! Please consider donating your typical registration fee of $25 to help us fund an endowment that will support this race in perpetuity. 

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#dogjog #boilerup #boilermakers #purdueuniversityPhilanthropy makes a difference in the College of Veterinary Medicine every day!
Learn how our development team plans on spotlighting the Veterinary Hospital and Dog Jog Endowment campaigns. #PurdueVetMed #VetLife @lifeatpurdue @avmavets  @navta_official gain superpowers after a dormant vetagene is activated during a time of extreme physiological stress. What superpowers did you get? 

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